Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Knitted Christmas Fare

Hold on to your hats, I'm doing a new post! I don't have any decent excuses for the 2 month silence - a combination of being very busy (first month) and then operating at a couple of gears slower than normal (second month). Sorry guys. Anyway, I'm back, and have got quite a lot of stuff saved up to share with you. I am now no longer involved in the lab which is great, and even better is that I have a part time job at Twist Fibre Craft Studio - hurrah! I'm really enjoying my job, especially when I get to make samples from the shop. It's very tempting to spend all my wages there and more, I think I'll end up working to pay off my debt to them rather than to earn money!

Bearing in mind the time of year, here are some pics of the knitted Christmas baubles that I made for the shop windows. Pattern is available if you contact us via the shop website here!

Also, here's a pic of the festive jumper I've been knitting for William that I alluded to in a previous post. I also made a matching hat and cowl, although the colourwork is not so good on the hat. It was a kind of practice run so that I knew what to do with the jumper. The jumper is passed on the knitty pattern called norgi, but since I wasn't using wool I chickened out of doing the steeks. Instead I moved the colourwork to the bottom of the jumper knitted in the round, then split at the armholes to knit the front and back top separately. I had to jig the arrangement of the trees and reindeer around a bit to make them fit in with the number of stitches I had.

Lots of festive wishes and Happy New Year to everyone :)