Thursday, 24 April 2008


I've got a few things in the queue to be blogged about, but work is pretty mad at the moment, so apologies if the blogging slows down. There's been way too much of all 3 of these things in my life recently...

I confess, Laurence was right, I broke my own rule about not starting another scarfy project until Jeanie was finished. I'm blaming the work for that one too! My brain has been too frazzled to comprehend reversible cables and dropped stitches so I've been spending some quality zoned-out time with my new project from Twist. I finished it yesterday and an quite pleased with the result. It was all squashed up on normal straight needles so I didn't realise just how long it actually was until I bound off and released it from the squeeze.

Being at home writing for the last week or so, I've been getting a new insight into the life of a cat. Dilly is very noisy and keen to get the humans out of bed in the morning so she can have breakfast, but then at around 9am she takes on the pose in the pic and remains absolutely still, fully unconscious for a full 6 hours. It can be quite hard to tell which end is which when she turns her head upside down and puts her tail over her face. She wakes at 3, and begins the food acquisition routine - galloping up and down the stairs, walking all over my desk/keyboard, biting my pen and trying to knock my work onto the floor. She also miows very loudly from the lounge to try to get me to come downstairs and see what's going on, hoping that I might just feed her while I'm down there. It's a tough life being a cat!

The daffs are still out at the bottom of the road by the way...

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Food and flowers (and knitting of course)

Life rarely seems to fit into neat categories to make a themed post about, so here's another mixture of bits and pieces that have been going on lately. Jeanie is coming along well, I'm nearly ready to start the third and final ball. It's long enough for Dilly to sit on one end while I'm working on the other end now.

We had a lovely trip to Twist yesterday for knitting group. There weren't many of us so we sat upstairs around the table in the shop. I started off well, and only bought some felting needles and the new Vogue Knitting. Then I went for another fatal wander and tripped over a box full of lovely colourful skeins of hand dyed yarn from a local Wensleydale flock. They were packaged up with a little instruction card for a shawl, and a nice pin. Local produce and yarn all in one? Yes please!

The two skeins are a little different, so after the first few rows I decided to alternate 2 rows of one then 2 rows of the other to mix them in. Going well (and quickly) so far, although it's a bit squashed because I'm trying to keep 187 st on a normal needle.

The green at the bottom of my road is looking spectacular at the moment, as is a lot of Dundee, because all the daffodils are out in force. They're looking the wrong way to see their faces and the view of the Tay all in the same shot, but who can blame them for wanting to face south?

Here's some Soad Bread I've just made, using the Town Bakery recipe. Super quick.

And finally for today, look what we've got in the office! It's great! Bea was missing proper coffee so she bought an electric moka...