Tuesday, 9 October 2007

My first publication (sort of!)

...and it's not in a scientific journal!! HaHa. I was very excited on Saturday morning to open up the Guardian magazine and see a full page photo of the biscuits I made at River Cottage staring back at me. Lots of out of proportion pride and joy! I kept having a little peek to check they were still there all weekend. At risk of my head getting too big I took it to work yesterday as well. Judith very kindly got quite excited too, and photocopied the article. Bless her.

There isn't a pic in the online article, but the recipes are there.


Di said...

Cool - you must let us see the article!! I am impressed - do you think that the scientific world will count this as a publication?????

Louise said...

Rest assured that I will bring it to Borders tonight to get another round of oohs and aahs from all the knitters. :)

As Peter pointed out (although maybe he was joking), this publication probably has a greater audience and has more impact than most scientific journals... so at least for me it counts way more than any poxy science publication, it's orders of magnitude more important/interesting!!! (hands up who thinks the MRC will agree...)

Jane's mum said...

Congrats!! Was disappointed not to see your name in flashing lights on the article.