Saturday, 21 February 2009

Spain, Shawls and Spring

Right, it's catch up time. The blog has been suffering a little not because of the lack of subject matter but quite the opposite. So much knitting that there's not much time left for recording it! Anyway, here goes...

I recently took a trip to Spain with my Dad to visit my Grandad who lives in the countryside more or less half way between Alicante and Valencia. We had a very nice week relaxing in the sunshine and enjoying heaps of fresh fruit and veg from the area, particularly the oranges which were literally falling off the trees onto the floor in abundance. Here you can see me enjoying the view on top of the cathedral bell tower in Valencia (the enormous 11 ton bell struck midday while we were up there!). We also explored the little village of Guadalest perched on top of a rocky peak, and climed to the top of the Penon de Ifach - a steep rocky lump sticking out into the sea in Calpe.

All the almond trees around Jalon are in blossom at this time of year, which makes the hillside look very pretty. The trees reached up to the balcony so we spent a few sunny mornings sitting out and watching honey bees moving around from branch to branch. Satch the cat enjoys climbing up to hunt for birds!

I have been trying to concentrate on finishing off some WIPs, so half my suitcase was filled with knitting for the holiday. I finished off a couple of things, including my lovely purple shawl. Here it is before and after blocking - what a transformation! The pattern is a free one called 'Gail' and I used Artesano 4 ply alpaca to knit it. I did a couple of extra pattern repeats and used abut 3.5 balls. Very pleased with it, and definitely inspired to knit more lace.

At the moment I'm working on coming up with a pattern for felted daffodils. I'd like to make a bunch in time for mothers day. Pattern to follow at some point. I had a hunt through my stash cupboard and discovered quite a good amount of lopi. No lopi crisis here! I'm pleased to say that the lopi supply chain is now flowing freely again and it's back in stock at Twist Fibre Craft Studio. Hurrah!


Di said...

Hey Louise! The shawl is just spectacular!! And I love the daffodils....I love them!

Manoute said...

The daffodils look great and I love your shawl :o)

Deb said...

when i grow up (i'm 46...) i'm going to knit like you. hopefully i'll mature soon. =) LOVELY STUFF.