Sunday, 16 December 2007

Christmas Poinsettia Wreath

Yesterday we had our monthly trip over to Newburgh for the knitting group at Twist. There were lots of yummy treats because it was the Christmas meeting, and I made some biscotti - one batch with cranberries and lemon zest, one plain, and the other with figs and flaked almonds. Pics to follow once I've made another batch in the next few days but the basic dough was 150g flour (some recipes say plain, some say self raising), with 50g sugar and 2 eggs. It's a bit sticky so I added enough extra flour to handle it easily, then shaped it into a long sausage shape. Bake at 200oC for 15 mins, cool for 10 mins then slice into thin slices and put back into the oven for 5-7 mins each side until golden and crisp.

Here are a few pics of the wreath in various stages of construction, including me having extreme difficulties with a needle and thread!

In other knitting news, I bought way too much yummy sock yarn this week, for knitting wraps/shawls rather than socks though. I didn't knit a stitch while we were in Newburgh, but spent a lot of time winding this Stroud Supersock yarn into balls with the help of Peter's handy skein holding gadget. And then I got over excited in the shop and bought some trekking xxl as well, oh dear!


Di said...

More sock yarn!!! I like the colours and I think that the poinsettia wreath was a hit!! Good idea!!

Anonymous said...

I want make a wreath and I found you through a google search and just love it! Was this a class or did you buy the pattern? I have found instructions online, but I really like the look of yours with the leaves and just the overall felted thickness. Please let me know if the pattern is available and from who and I will be forever truly grateful!

Happy New Year!!!


Louise said...

The link to the pattern we followed is below - the only change was to make the first set of 'petals' in green rather than red to make them look like leaves. Good luck with your knitting!,,diy_14141_5095556,00.html