Friday, 8 August 2008

ready, set, ...and they're off!

The ravelympics have started, hurrah! The ravelympic fever has even made it onto youtube here. As tensions mounted for the Olympic opening in Beijing, we ravelympic athletes gathered at Laurence's house for a casting on ceremony while we watched proceedings in the Bird's Nest stadium. Tasty snacks, tasty yarn, lots of excitement. We all knitted like mad to get going on our entries for team scots can do it too - see the before and after shots in the lower picture...

Follow the links to read more about Laurence's shawl for the shawl relay, and Diane's jacket for baby dressage.

I had a go at making some bread rolls from my new book to take along to the olympic gathering, using the recipe for scottish morning rolls. I made an overnight 'sponge' with a small amount of yeast, flour and water, then left it to grow for about 14 hours. In that time the yeast begins to grow, metabolising the nutrients in the flour as it goes and turning it into a bubbly sticky goo. In the morning, fresh flour and more water is kneaded into the sponge, and it is shaped into rolls after a relatively short rise.


Di said...

Go Ravelympians!! We can do it! I am already onto casting on the sleeves (you do half the sleeves as you knit the back - only another 50 rows at 138 stitches a row and the back will be finished!)

Manoute said...

Your bread is fab! You should knit instead of working, otherwise Diane will finish before you ;0))))!