Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Big Orange Bag

I took a trip to St Andrews last week (mostly in order to visit the cheese shop!) and happened upon a basket of big fat bright orange acrylic yarn in a charity shop. Everything about it means I shouldn't like it but I do. It's a bit to garish to wear, but it just screamed BIG ORANGE BAG at me.

I bought some bamboo bag handles from Twist Fibre Craft Studio and set to work knitting a monster cabled knitting bag. Here it is...

Yarn: Cygnet Seriously Chunky

Needles: 10mm

Pattern: improvised... CO60st, 4 rounds reverse stockinette, increase to 100st, then p4k6 rib with a cable every 7th row. I decreased back down to 60st for the garter st border at the top, and made buttonholes on the front side. I knitted big blobs and sewed them to the inner back for buttons. Crochet cast off incorporating the handles so I didn't have to sew them to the bag afterwards.

Hurrah for quick knits!


Di said...

It looks fantastic - I love the orange and i am sure it was a hell of a lot cheaper than the bag I just ordered from Boden!

shandy said...

That must have been a quick knit. I'd be interested in hearing what the charity shop opportunities are in Fife, as we're planning to holiday in St Andrews and I'm an addict.