Thursday, 24 May 2007

In praise of the Parlour

Off to the Parlour we trotted this lunchtime to celebrate Jane's birthday, and actually managed to get a table (virtually impossible after 12). There was tasty looking mozzarella on the chicken and bacon salads, and I had a rather nice roasted aubergine with veggies and cheese etc in it. Plenty of salad too, very good as usual.

We were all too stuffed for dessert but there was a fine cake stand full of their syrup muffins. They are ENOURMOUS. Great sponge, plenty of tangy syrup, nice chewy citrus slice on top, just the right amount of icing, ie not too much, and with nice home-cut pleated paper round the edge. A wonder to behold. (the lime ones are the best by the way). I will have to buy one next time in order to photograph it in its full glory, purely in the interest of effective communication of course, although it'd be a waste not to scoff the lot afterwards :)

The hot chocolate was pretty impressive too, kind of DIY styley. You get a mug of hot milk and a big cube of chocolate on a stick to dunk in it. Not so speedy if you're in a rush, but high potential for a nice chocolatey mess.

Absolutely the best place for a weekday lunch or a tasty coffee/cake sneakout mission.

5/5 again.


Di said...

I'd agree on the Parlour! Great place and great muffins!! Lucky you getting a table!

sal said...

I'm intrigued, I've not heard of the parlour but it sound great I must find it!

Louise said...

I should have said, sorry! It's 58 West Port - very close to the West Port Gallery and more or less opposite the Globe pub. It's pretty busy around lunchtime but they do takeaways too so no worries.

Jane said...

It was a very nice lunch thankyou. Was a very great shame I didn't have room for the lime-syrup muffin.