Sunday, 4 May 2008

End of an era

Just a quick post to record the end of an era in foody terms. We had built up a great tradition of pizza nights in a particular flat that once was home to Fabrizio and Silvia, and was then passed on to Elton. He decided to take on the mantle of pizza chef from Fabrizio and after a good aprenticeship, he was suitably qualified to carry on the tradition when Fabrizio left for Milan.

Recently we had the last ever pizza night there, since Elton will be moving out in a couple of weeks, very sad! Anyway, he did a fine job of feeding everyone as usual, and the boys made a day of it to produce enough pizza bases to cover every surface in the flat (it's a strictly men only ritual!!). We decided to bring forward the start of Summer by enjoying the first jug of pimms and lemonade of the season, yum. Here's hoping that the pizza tradition will evolve into a new form, and we won't loose the chance to enjoy the pizzas in a new home sometime soon :)

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Manoute said...

I love pizzas..............hhhmmmmmmm