Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Tayside raspberry season is here, hurrah!

I really wish we had a proper fruit and veg shop on Perth Road, but until then I will rejoice in the fact that Londis sells local soft fruit in the summer. Best raspberries ever. Actually this is nothing to do with Taste, but is suitably Scottish to be included amongst the Taste Edinburgh bits. Brought this along for dessert when we went round to Kirsty’s for lasagne on Sunday – Cranachan. 500g raspberries, layered between a liter of double cream, whipped together with honey, 180g toasted oats and 16tbsp whisky. The boys were horrified that I used Tallisker for such a purpose but I think its taste came through and made it special. Mmm peaty.

Must crack on and finish last year's jam mountain so we can go fruit picking then cook up some more!

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