Thursday, 28 June 2007

Are Jaffa Cakes Biscuits?

I have just come across a brilliant 'scientific paper' on the cladistics of biscuits, investigating the evolutionary lineage and classification of the Jaffa Cake. Check it out here. The whole site is hilarious actually, I especially like the gallery depicting each dinosaur with their biscuit.

I happened upon it whilst researching our latest project to pimp a snack - hopefully to be published on but absolutely definitely to be published here at least. Top secret pimping project is still in planning stages currently, but I will reveal all as we start to put it together. I'm planning a lab analysis of the original snack to give us a better idea of the components and their proportions, I'm really stuck on the filling right now. Meanwhile, check out the other pimped snack on the site and give me a shout if you have any bright ideas! We need Wingate back again for this kind of thing!

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Di said...

How bizarre! I was out to dinner on Thursday night and someone raised the jaffa cake as a biscuit or a cake issue and the HM Customs and Excise case and now here I read about it on your blog!!