Wednesday, 4 July 2007

8 squares down, and seaweed mastered

The blanket is coming along nicely, I've done 8 out of 16 squares now, just in time to take along with me to Birmingham TASTE. I've decided to leave the knitting needles behind and concentrate on joining together the ones I've got so far... fingers crossed they let me take a crochet hook in my hand luggage this afternoon! I took a pic of the peg bobbins in action the other day, will be posted soon.

Completely unrelatedly, I also have to report on the most recent carrageen experiment, think I've cracked it this time. I used half as much seaweed, a bit more sugar and a bit more cream (300ml, to 200ml milk). The texture was softer and nicer, and almost like a mousse. This time I skipped the lemon and basil and went for a teaspoon of ground cardamom for flavouring instead. It worked very nicely - somehow matching the texture better than the lemon/basil combo - and was particularly good after the curry we had first.

I'll be on a plane heading down to Bham for the final TASTE fling in a little over 3 hours. Excited! And I've got a nice big bag with me this time to bring home plenty of goodies, unlike London. Quite excited about flying from Dundee airport too, I'll try to get a few pics as we take off...

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Anonymous said...

Only acceptable use for carrageen is as a dye thickener or marbling base!