Thursday, 26 July 2007

Lamb on the beach

A couple of weekends ago Elton bought an entire lamb from a farming colleague of his, and we set about producing a big lamb feast. Thankfully it had already been butchered, so we were presented with a large heavy box crammed full of lamb bits - not particularly my cup of tea but it seemed to awaken some primeval instincts in the boys, they were all very excited. They hauled it home between them on Friday night and set about dividing it up to be cooked in various ways at various locations. Then on Saturday afternoon we all piled into cars and drove down to Broughty Ferry beach, many travelling with just-out-of-the-oven joints of lamb or trays of roast potatoes on their laps!

Don't ask me why but Peter and I went for a quick dip before lunch (VERY glad I bothered to find my wetsuit), and then we got down to to the serious business of having a lamby picnic feast. Jane and I used the ribs to do an AWT sticky ribs recipe - and in fact we used AWT's very own ketjap manis which was part of the Taste Edinburgh haul. Our big Alessi pot came in very handy for this one too.


Tanya said...

How come you needed a wetsuit? I thought it was supposed to be Summer!

Louise said...

Yeah, so did I! You'd never know it if you landed in Dundee right now unaware of the time of year though. I think we've only gone above 20oC about twice so far this year. It's only 13 this morning, and I walked to work in big boots and raincoat. Looking out of my office window I can barely see the Tay because of all the drizzle, yuck!
Still even at the height of a blazing Scottish summer (does such a thing exist??), the North Sea is going to be darn cold!!