Monday, 30 July 2007

A new WIP

...(that's Work In Progress - Diane's been teaching me some knitblog terms!). Can you tell what it is yet?? It's Florian Fox from Lucinda Guy's book And So To Bed. I got the two enormous balls of wool I'm using from the charity shop at the top of the road, and borrowed the pattern (thanks Diane), so this one's going to be nice and cheap. He's coming along very quickly as well, although I'm not looking forward to the sewing up stage. Speaking of which, I finished and stuffed my first cube to go with the baby blanket yesterday - I'll post pics when I've done the rest.


sal said...

I like the fox, I like the knitting it all together pattern - less sewing little parts together!

Di said...

Florian is looking cool!!

Louise said...

Doh! I can't tell the difference between left and right. When I was making up the second side piece I did the feet going in one direction but the neck going in the opposite I actually ended up with two right hand sides, but one with backwards pointing feet! Ripped back down to the tops of the legs last night and started again with the throat at the front this time.
That's what you get when you knit whilst talking at borders!!