Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Who needs bobbins?

I have SO much fun to write about after our long weekend working at Taste Edinburgh, it was brilliant. We finished late-ish on Sunday night and yesterday I was good for nothing at all, absolutely knackered. Tonight we're having a bunch of people over to help eat up some of the food we brought back with us, but hopefully after that I'll have a chance to sit down and put into words all the exciting things that have happened.

In the mean time, I've discovered a handy little trick on the internet this lunchtime whilst reading about how to change colour when knitting. After seeing Andrea's lovely baby blanket at borders knitting group last week I'm thinking of trying a similar thing myself with concentric squares.

Need to learn how to change colours properly in the middle of a row, which seems to be an awful lot more tricky than you might first imagine. Some people suggest just leaving long strands of yarn dangling to pick up/put down when you get to the right point, whereas most say to wind small balls of yarn onto bobbins to hold them neatly in the right place. I rather like this idea though: use a wooden peg as the bobbin, winding the yarn around the centre area and gripping the working end with the peg to stop it unravelling when it's not being used. Genius! And costs nothing, even better! I'll get down to testing it out asap and report back on how it goes...


Di said...

Hope dinner with the leftovers goes well! thanks also for the knitting tips!

jane said...

Dinner was great and at least we have got rid of most of the food now. Still absolutely knackered though!