Sunday, 20 January 2008


I've finished the tank top I have been making with some of my Christmas yarn, hurrah! it's called Badia, and was a free pattern from Berrocco. The pattern called for 8 skeins, but I managed it without cracking into the 8th, so I've got enough leftovers for a skinny scarf hopefully.

The yarn is a bamboo tape called Bonsai. It took a bit of getting used to because it's quite shiny and slippery, and I went down from 5mm to 4mm needles to get the gauge. Picking up the stitches for the neck and shoulder edging was a little tricky too. It took ages to squeeze in the amount of stitches I was supposed to pick up, and the resulting rib looked to bunched up and almost frilly, so I undid it and started again by picking up only where it looked like there was an obvious place to do so. Seems ok I think. I feel the start of a tank top phase coming on!

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Manoute said...

Well done. Will you wear it on Wednesday?