Thursday, 31 January 2008

Hurrah for Hugh!

I went to Tesco tonight, and it's not normally an area that I frequent but there were happy scenes to behold in the chicken aisle. It seems like the River Cottage Chicken Out campaign is having an effect because there were only 3 whole free range chickens and a few thighs left. The rest of the area was empty, whilst the non-freerange birds were left untouched.

There was almost cheering and jumping up and down. And then I realised it wasn't a good idea to make too much a spectacle of ourselves whilst I'd asked Olga to take a few pics on her phone! The little notice said that they're working hard with suppliers to meet the demand. And long may it continue :) If you have't done so already, I urge you to follow the link above to read all about the commercial chicken trade and sign up to the Chicken Out campaign if you can.

A quick PS... that tesco notice is actually a bit cheeky because it suggests 'Willow Farm' as an alternative to standard birds but this is in fact still indoor-raised meat and is therefore not free range and doesn't comply with RSPCA freedom food standards. For sure it'll be slightly better in terms of welfare than the standard stuff, but there are still big concerns. Beware of misleading packaging - if it doesn't actually say FREE RANGE then it won't be!


Lorraine said...

Just goes to show that if people are giving the infomration they will make the right choices. You should have cheered and jumped up down.

Thanks for your welcome to blogland.

Di said...

I'd heard that there was a little sign! Good to see it in print!

Now I just have to think what too cook that doesn't involve chicken!!!