Monday, 14 January 2008

Scottish Snow

After a week or so of cold wet weather, the snow conditions were looking promising so Marios, Barry, Jane, Alban, Stephan, Juanma and I set off very early on Saturday morning for Glenshee. It really was quite amazing, I had to keep reminding myself that we were in Scotland and not somewhere else because the snow was surprisingly good and the weather was perfect - not a cloud in the sky and no wind.

As you would expect lots of other people had the same plan, and the rather antiquated system of drag lifts were struggling to get everyone to the tops of the runs, but as a result the runs themselves weren't too crowded at all once we finally got through the queue to reach them. Jane made a batch of everything-tasty-in-the-cupboard flapjacks to keep us going and we had a great day enjoying the snow and the scenery with some nice leisurely paced skiing and boarding.

A few others joined us when we got back to Dundee, and we rewarded ourselves for a very successful trip with mulled wine, masses of chilli, and some yummy French cheese from Alban. Diane brought a long a lovely little felted gingerbread man who has taken up residence on the mantlepiece, pics to follow, thanyou Diane! Thanks to Barry, Alban and Stephan for the photos published here - I've mislaid my camera charger, hopefuly it's not in Birmingham from Christmas. Fingers crossed for more snowy weather so we can do it all again soon.


Manoute said...

Waow ! The pictures are amazing. We missed you at the knitting group in Newburgh.

Di said...

Wow - I want to be there!! I hope I can come and show off my really bad skiing next time!!