Monday, 31 March 2008

Jeanie progress

You may remember right back at the beginning of the year that I showed a picture of Jeanie - a wrap from knitty with reversible cables and dropped stitches in between. I bought some trekking sock yarn from Twist and made a start on in when travelling over Christmas.

Since then it's been somewhat neglected while I worked on other things, but I've picked up the pace again recently, and am just about to finish the first ball of 3. I've got a lot of other scarfs/shawls/wraps in my mind that I'd like to try, but I've made a rule that I have to finish this one before casting on a project that fills the same niche!

This weekend I had a go at putting the edging around the bottom of the wrap. It was cast on with waste yarn while the main part of the wrap is knitted. I started off by unpicking the waste yarn (which took AGES) and placing the live stitches back onto a needle. The next stage involves taking the 8 st that form the cable edge up the sides of the wrap, bending it around the corner and knitting it across the bottom, incorporating the cast on stitches where appropriate.

The whole process took quite a bit longer than I'd expected, and a few tries to get started, but it worked out ok in the end. A bit of a challenge anyway, and it has motivated me to get on with the rest of the project because I've got a better feel for how it will look when finished.

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Manoute said...

This is beautiful!
See you on Wednesday.