Sunday, 9 March 2008

Saturday stuff

This is a bit of a random post of a couple of things, not much to do with anything really! First of all I wanted to show you a picture of Jane's orchid which is in my office at work. We inherited it when Jane left, and since then it's been working very hard at producing a flower stalk. A couple of weeks ago it reached full height and started to open, and we've been enjoying these beautiful flowers ever since...

I had a very nice Saturday yesterday, doing lots of fun Saturday things. First it was a trip to Newburgh for a good old knitting session. Last week I finished the peacock shawl I've been frantically knitting for the last month (post to follow next week once it's been sent, but ravellers can see it here), so I started something quite quick and easy a few days ago with some Blue Sky Alpacas organic cotton. It's nice and thick and chunky and very soft. Nearly finished that one already, so I'll save the pics for when it's fully done in a few days time. The knitters then headed back towards the rain in Dundee and went for lunch - the parlour was full so we tried out a new place that has opened near the Rep theatre. Pretty decent for lunch, and reasonably priced I'm glad to say.

After lunch I met up with Barry and we continued round the corner to Tonic where I had a bit of dessert and a coffee while continuing with the knitting and watching the England/Scotland 6 nations match. I like sitting at the window watching people coming and going, and was quite amused by the poster on the other side of the road which seemed to be saying that the daily record comes with free kids this weekend.

In the evening I met up with Diane and Fiona again to go and see Jung Chang give a lecture on her new book about Mao which was extremely interesting. It's part of the Dundee Saturday evening lecture series and was also tied in with international women's day celebrations.

Poor old Dilly went to the vet on Friday to have most of her few remaining teeth removed (she just has 2 very tiny ones at the front on top and bottom now). She was a bit subdued afterwards but by the time we got home on Saturday night she was fully recovered and ready to fight again. She's totally weaponless however because they also trimmed her claws right down while she was under anaesthetic, so had to resort to slobbering Barry into submission...

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Jane said...

Hi Louise! That's so great. I have tears in my eyes from laughing at Dilly (and missing her a bit). Orchid looks good, you must be doing something right! Sounds like you had a busy weekend. We are still suffering from the heatwave, so virtually not left the house for days. I'm house, dog and cat sitting at the moment, and I too have a new knitting project which will hopefully be blogged very soon. Hi to Barry!