Monday, 24 March 2008

Two FOs

I haven't been very good at keeping up to date with the knitting posts recently. Last week I said I was on the verge of finishing Ophelia. She then sat for a week waiting to have hooks and eyes sewn on. I finally got around to taking some pictures yesterday, but before I did the sewing. I'm rubbish at sewing, I don't know why. I turn into a bumbling fool when I pick up a needle and thread. It wasn't so bad as I was thinking though, and it didn't take long at all to sew 5 pairs of hooks and eyes down the front. I'm wearing it today and quite pleased with the results.

Pattern: Ophelia (free)

Yarn: 2.5 skeins Blue Sky Alpacas dyed cotton (LOVE IT)

Needles: 5mm

Mods: I bound off some st at the armholes and made the shoulder sections narrower.

The second FO for Easter weekend is Stardust, from Winter knitty. I love this, and it was really quick and easy to make. I think there's a bit of a problem though. When I started sewing the pieces together on Friday my nose began to run. And then stream. And then the sneezing and coughing started. It seems that angora and I do not get along! I finished it off on Sunday and wore it for a few hours, during which time I got through about one and a half rolls of kitchen paper. I felt like it got better when I took off the cardi, but maybe it's psychological or a coincidence or something. Plan is to give it a rest for a few days, and I'll try wearing it to knitting group on Wednesday to see if the nose starts up again. I'll be really sad if I can't wear it because it's great, I really like the pattern and I'm quite proud of my seaming job - look out for future posts, I may be trying to find a new home for it!

Pattern: Stardust (free from Knitty)
Yarn: Just over 4.5 balls Louisa Harding Kimono Angora

Needles: 4.5mm
Mods: 3 needle bind off on the shoulders. Ties are 16st wide instead of 20. I picked up and knitted the collar into the back neck as I went along rather than sewing it down later.

28th March: I've worn the cardi twice this week, and have survived. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it might be so looks like the project is safe. Phew!


jane said...

I love your two tops. I've been checking your blog about twice a day to see whether they had been posted yet!

What were the hooks and eyes for? I can't work it out.

Such a shame about the angora. Maybe it's just a coincidence. Hayfever or something? I hope so for your sake, but if not, I'll buy it off you! After seeing how good it looks on you, I was planning on adding it to my queue.

Di said...

Both your tops are great!! I love the black one especially! Pity about the nose and angora!!

I am struggling to sew the legs on a horse - now I know why I hardly ever finish anything - I am useless at sewing things together and they always disappoint when finished!! Maybe we can get lessons somewhere!!

Lindsey said...

Both FOs look great, and I particularly like the colour you've used for Stardust. I would think that if the yarn didn't bother you when you were knitting with it, the finished item wouldn't either.

Most mohair makes me itch awfully, both when I'm knitting it and wearing it.