Monday, 3 March 2008


You may remember a post last year when I mentioned some pies we'd had on a trip to the west coast with Kirsty, Anna and Peter. Since then we've been waiting for a good opportunity to make the most of the pies by post service that they provide at the Lochinver Larder. In the end, we decided that the pies make the occasion and we don't need any other reason! Last week we rallied the troops and put in an enormous order for 34 pies amid great excitement and anticipation.

They arrived on Friday afternoon in the lab and blended in rather well, becuase they were packaged in three quite large polystyrene boxes very similar to the ones we get when ordering reagents that need to be kept cold or frozen. But this package contained far more exciting contents! Their pies are hand made in Lochinver using fresh local ingredients, and they've won a couple of awards for their efforts.

I made a huge pile of mash to go with the savoury ones, and we divided each of the pies into quarters so that everyone could try a good selection of the flavours on offer. We then moved on to a selection of fruit pies which were equally delicious. Eris went to the length of making some beautiful custard, I still feel sheepish about the fact I didn't watch it carefully enough as it was heating up. It was so lovely and smooth until it fell into my hands and I butchered it! Still tasted great, and the effort was very much appreciated. Here are the pies as we unwrapped them, and then a batch just as they were being served:


Eva said...

yum!! those are the best pies....we've been waiting for an occasion too but perhaps we should just go ahead too?!

Manoute said...

They look really yummy ! What a good idea.

See you tomorrow.

Jane said...

Oh, fab. Wish I'd been there! What were the favourites? I guess they don't mail order to Oz? Was the mash made with the ricer? I've been hunting for one here, but no luck so far!

Andy said...

And delivered in Dilly-proof boxes, thank goodness...!

Di said...

They do look fantastic! I have already checked out the website and have chosen my favourites!!