Monday, 24 September 2007

SKB latest

The SKB has come on leaps and bounds this weekend - the 'B' of the SKB is finished. It took me more or less 3 weeks to get through the patterened section with beads in it, which was becoming a bit of a slog. 2.25mm bamboo needles are more or less cocktail sticks so it was pretty fiddly, and not at all helped by the fact that I snapped both needles at one point or another so they were a lot shorter and rougher than they could have been!

Anyway, I finished that section by the end of Friday night thankfully, and moved back up to nice 5mm metal needles to storm through the rest. The entire remainder of the body was finished by Sunday night, although I might re-do the bottom ridges on the smaller needles to make them a bit less bulging. Time for the sleeves now, then all that will remain is to knit a few rows around the neckline. Hurrah!

Friday night...

Sunday night...

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