Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Unveiling of the WIP and related eating events

Well done Dr Wingate - we had a very good pre-viva talk on Friday by Andy, followed by just about the shortest examination ever. I think it's got to be close to the record at a speedy 2h30. Nice work. Anyway, I think that means that I'm free to unveil the mystery WIP that I alluded to previously: it's some knitted DNA which formed part of Andy's viva present.

Pattern was drawn from Kimberly Chapman's website (no relation!) which has all sorts of weird and wonderful toys. Link is in list on RHS. For the science nerds among us, an extra personal relevance was added by using a combination of base pairs that spell out Andy's initials when translated into amino acids. Umm, is that too geeky? Time to move on!

Here are a bunch of revellers enjoying roast lamb lunch the day after the viva - while I was at a recorder rehearsal! :( Barry and Elton cooked the remaining joints left over from our lamb beach bbq. Laurence kindly brought me a kilo of very yummy blueberries from the SCRI harvest last week so I made a lemon and blueberry cheesecake for pud. Pics of that will follow when I have the recipe book to hand so I can include the recipe too.

I had some fruit compote left over from making blueberry frozen yoghurt too, so on Sunday morning Jane and I had a very unhealthy but tasty brunch of drop scones with blackcurrant jam (my most successful attempt at jam from Arbuckle's PYO fruit last summer) and the blueberry stuff, which actually kind of almost set into jam after being in the fridge too. And lashings of butter too. Yum! We served these to guests at RC as they arrived for their courses.

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